PowerBook G5と New PowerBook G4


PowerBook G4 のニューモデルの発表が期待される中、PowerBook G5 の記事についても見かけるようになってきました。

AppleInsider(http://www.appleinsider.com/article.php?id=857)によると、次期PowerBook G5 には、PowerMac G5 でも採用されているHypertransport技術を使用するようですね。Hypertransportを採用したバスはPCIバスよりの劇的に早く、アプリケーションの高速化、スケーラビリティの確保に大いに貢献するようです。


The Inquirer claims to have obtained a copy of a Digital Video and Multimedia News writeup from the Electronics Summit 2004, a conference held for electronics editors. The document lists some of the ‘design wins’ of different technologies, and seemingly references an Apple PowerBook G5.

Number 7 on the list is Hypertransport, that well known technology used in AMD 64 chips and Power Macs,” the publication says. “But perhaps the most interesting confirmation is that Hypertransport has a design win for the Apple PowerBook. This would appear to be confirmation that a G5 PowerBook is definitely turning up and that despite thermal problems, it is at least in the works.”

HyperTransport technology, which is featured in Apple’s G5-based Power Mac systems, is a new high speed, high performance point-to-point link for interconnecting integrated circuits on a motherboard. It can be significantly faster than a PCI bus for an equivalent number of pins, and is primarily targeted for the IT and Telecomm industries. However, any application where high speed, low latency and scalability is necessary can potentially take advantage of HyperTransport technology.

なお、HyperTransport とは、別名Lightning Data Transportと呼ばれているもので、データ転送速度がMax 6.4GB/s になる Bus のことです。


ちなみに、このAppleInsideの記事によると、PowerBook G4 のニューモデルは、今後10日以内にお目見えするとのことです。

Meanwhile, the data suggests that new PowerBook models should arrive within the next 10 days.