New PowerBook 発売されず




上記のスレッドを見てみると、Apple が New Hardaware を発表するのは、通常「火曜日」だそうです。ただ、

によると、現在のモデルの PowerBook は、4/19/04 (a Monday) に出たらしく、最初の iBook G4は、10/22/03 (a Wednesday)に出たらしいので、例外はあるみたいです。

今後、朝目覚めたら、Apple の ホームページを見る日々が続きそうです。

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> That would be sweet… But have they ever released products on other days than


Yes, they have. E. g. the current revision of PBs was released on 4/19/04 (a Monday), the first revision of G4 iBooks was released on 10/22/03 (a Wednesday). Those are just exceptions to the general rule that new hardware is announced on Tuesdays. But it can happen again.